Mrs. Terry Lifford (Chair of Governors)

Dear Parents/carers/community

We live in the village and our main role as governors is to be ‘critical friends’ of the school, by doing so we support the aims and objectives of the school and safeguard the interests of both the school and its pupils in the wider community.

We take due account of the views of parents, carers, pupils and staff and other interested parties however we acknowledge that the day-to-day running of the school and implementation of plans and policies of the Governing Board is the responsibility of the Head and her senior managers.

We support and promote appropriate partnership and collaboration with other schools.

We work through two main committees, Resources and Education and work co-operatively to provide ‘challenge’ in our interaction with the school.

We review statutory policies and have named governors who are responsible for key areas such as Safeguarding, Safer Recruitment, Special Educational Needs, Links with the Local Authority and with our external consultant, the Head’s Performance Appraisal.

We review progress and scrutinise the school’s performance as measured nationally, locally and by the school itself.  We also review all aspects of financial planning, budgetary control and spending in order to ensure ‘best value’.

We play an important part in the recruitment of staff.

We review the school’s development plan and take part in termly ‘Learning Walks’ which are linked to the school development plan; when visiting the school, we have regular discussions with the head, celebrate its success, support its work and always acknowledge the invaluable contribution the Friends of the School Association make to our school.

        Mrs. Pat Conlon (Vice Chair of Governors)

                        Our Governing Body

        Mrs. Marianne Cutler (Community Governor)

                Mr. David walls (Parent Governor)

            Rev Stevie Cross (Foundation Governor)

Please note;

(i) that governors have responsibility at policy-making level, not in the day-by-day running of the school, and

(ii) that authority belongs to the governing body as a

whole; the individual governor has no power to make

decisions or take action.

If you like to make contact please contact our school

Tel: 01327 265900

Or Via email 

Chair of Governors: 
Mrs. Terry Lifford

Vice Chair of Governors: 
Mrs. Pat Conlon
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