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Calculation support

This page is designed to provide practical examples of the calculations we teach at school. They are taken from various sources including YouTube.

Support with division calculations

PNCV2 Using place value counters and recording division-SD.mp4

PNCV2 Representing division with place value counters-SD.mp4

PNCV2 Problems involving division-SD.mp4

PNCV2 Moving to a written algorithm for division-SD.mp4

PNCV2 Division with remainders-SD.mp4

PNCV2 Division with exchange-SD.mp4

Support with multiplication calculations

PNCV1 Grid Multiplication as an Interim Step-SD.mp4

PNCV1 Multiple Representations of Multiplication-SD.mp4

PNCV1 Moving from Grid to a Column Method-SD.mp4