Performance and Standards

How well our children progress over their time with us is a key indicator of how well we are performing as a school. Their progress and attainment is paramount to us, not just in the core subjects that schools are judged on but across the entire curriculum.

It is our role to introduce children to so much of the world we live in and find their interests and passion, that will stay with them for life. Data and attainment is one means of judging how well a child has progressed, but we look for more in every child and try to nurture that investigative, problem solving approach to life that will give them a strong footing as they progress along their own way.

The data below is, as such, a snapshot of our school and children and whilst it does not paint the whole picture it does show how far we have come in the last 4 years.

The government site for comparing school data can be found by clicking on the below link:

WHPA Key Published Data for last 4 Years.pdf
2019/2020 Exam and Assessment Results WHPA.pdf
WHPA 2019_2020 National Curriculum Requirements for Swimming and Water Safety.pdf